Skylight Replacement

When you are a skylight replacement contractor in Toronto, questions like, “How do I know if my skylight roof was installed properly?” “What options are available to me?” “How do I know it’s time to replace my skylight?” and more are bound to happen.

Skylight Replacement Toronto

Skylight Replacement in Toronto

In fact, for most homeowners, their skylights can never get bad to the point that it requires a complete replacement. But this is not true. At some point, there will be the need to replace a leaky skylight in Toronto. Else, you risk damaging your building. 

All Roofing Toronto has successfully replaced a good number of skylights in Toronto, and we’re proud to say that our quality works speak for us.

Do I go with a Velux or a Pyramid?

It boils down to two options when installing or replacing a skylight: a Pyramid skylight or a Velux skylight. It can be quite tricky for some homeowners to choose from these two. Whatever the case might be, here are some things you need to know about the two. This should help in making a thoughtful decision.

Velux Skylight

So the new, highly insulated, flat skylights available for flat roofs and shingle roofs are Velux skylights. 

This is a choice for you if you want a skylight with more excellent insulating characteristics and a more modern look. Also, Velux provides a superior product called “solar skylights” with a 30 percent energy tax credit, which is a remote-operated, solar-powered skylight option.

Besides, Velux provides a unique product called “solar skylights” with a 30 percent energy tax credit, a remote-operated, solar-powered skylight option.

Pyramid Skylights

Pyramid skylights are the historic, galvanized skylights — another available flat roof homeowners. 

They come in custom sizes for length and width and have ventilated or unventilated options. People love the ventilated option of providing ventilation to create a more convenient, better-circulated living atmosphere in and out of the top floor of your house.

How do you know it is time for a replacement?

Many features of your skylights may signal it’s time to consider a replacement for a skylight. Hesitating to repair your skylight can result in damage to your home’s interior, so when searching for signs of wear, it’s crucial to be proactive.

Covered Weep Holes 

Covered weeping holes are one of the main concerns we see working on pyramid skylights in Toronto. This is a result of roof repairs performed by other roofing contractors since the weeping holes on the side of the skylight mount are filled in the process. 

The ability to shed water through weep holes at the base of the glass panes where it sticks to the galvanized mount is one of the main functionalities of a pyramid skylight.

Once roof repairers have filled these weeping holes with either a membrane strip or roof cement, we know it’s time for a skylight replacement. For the skylight to function correctly, your roofing contractor will need to open the roofing holes.

Glass Cracked

Suppose your skylight has broken glass, which is noticeable from the inside of your house, another instance that might seem obvious. The skylight becomes vulnerable when these panes are broken, and the potential for water penetration is high, adding to potential paint and drywall repairs down the road.

Metal Rusting

When the reinforced metal has rotted through your skylight’s structure, this is another sign that your skylight is at the end of its life cycle. One warning you should watch for as a homeowner is red or brown streaks coming down your skylight’s window panes. Sometimes, when we see this, it means that the skylight’s reinforced metal could disintegrate and reveal itself to the inside. 

Generally, when installing your skylights, they must rest upon a structure connected to your wood decking. This structure may be a wooden box constructed with 2×4 or 2×6 dimensions. This box holds your skylight installation in place till there’s a need for a replacement.

Let Us Help You with a Reliable Skylight Solution In Toronto

We are a reliable and trusted skylight roof replacement, repair, and installation contractor in Toronto. Our quality services speak a lot about our expertise, and that’s why our customers are always satisfied with the services we provide them.

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Quality Commercial and Residential Skylight Replacement

Skylights fit into commercial and residential buildings well when installed properly. The need to cut down on energy bills and light up working space can never be overemphasized for commercial buildings. The same goes for residential buildings. However, when these skylights get bad beyond repair, the need for a replacement sets in.

If you feel the need to replace your existing skylight, whether commercial or residential, our experts will help you make it happen. Many contractors might claim to know how to replace leaky skylight in Toronto, but they deliver far less than advertised when it comes to doing it. This can never be us. We deliver exactly what we promise or even more. So, when we agree to replace your leaky or faulty skylight, rest assured you’re getting the best value for your money. 

Our aim is to make your skylight investment worth it again. Whether it’s leaky, damaged by weather conditions, or tree branches, we’d be glad to work with you and replace it if the need be. Kindly reach out to us today via our email, contact form, or phone number. 

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