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Skylights are always a good installation for those who value their property and want to get the best out of it. Homeowners know that not all skylight installers in Toronto can deliver an excellent job, so they are always on the lookout for the best contractors. This is where we come in handy with expert skylight installation services you can’t resist.

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We deliver excellent skylight installations in Toronto. Our team of expert skylight installers in Toronto is always available to listen when you give us a call.

A skylight (also referred to as a roof window) is a particular type of window installed into the roof of a home to allow natural light to come in. It may serve aesthetic purposes or be a part of a strategy for passive heating.

When it comes to skylight roofing, different style options will catch your attention. 

The style of a skylight refers to its form and the glass arrangement. There are simple styles and vaulted ones. The basic types are flat-roof skylights that, unless curb-mounted, do not project above the roof face. This will allow you to keep the look of your home’s exterior consistent. They have more light than vaulted styles as well.

On the other hand, vaulted types often project above the roof face and are usually more costly since they require more glass. Vaulted skylights can be a dramatic architectural feature, but they could detract from the look of your home or neighborhood if not well-chosen.

Our skylight installers in Toronto do an excellent job of installing your skylights to the proper specifications. You get a skylight installation that’s firm and admirable.

When choosing skylights, consider which ones look most appealing to you, as well as which would blend in with your home’s overall design.

What Type of Skylight Do You Need?

Flat-roof Skylights: These skylights are flat and match the roof pitch. They can be deck-mounted so that the look of the roofline does not compete with them.

Round skylights: As seen from the inside of the house, these skylights are round but flat outside. They may even be deck- or curb-mounted. Round skylights will look fantastic and are rare.

Dome skylights: In a dome, these skylights extend upward. As seen from the inside of the house, they are usually rectangular but may also be round. Dome skylights are usually acrylic (Plexiglass), which is most hail-resistant when dome-shaped. The key benefit of these skylights is that they are cheap. On flat roof systems, dome skylights can be used as the right skylight choice.

Costs of Installing Skylight Roofs

It costs an average of $1,639 to install a skylight, according to hundreds of homeowners surveyed. Typical prices range from 960 dollars to 2,375 dollars.

Fixed skylights are the most common choice for the unit and cost upwards of $150. Labor fees start at $500. That increases based on variables such as material for roofing, accessibility, and the construction of your house.

Fixed Skylight 

It costs between $150 and $1,500 for fixed skylights. Some windows do not open to providing extra light. For introducing natural light through your roof, the fixed skylight is the most common.

Ventilation Skylights

Skylights for ventilation have prices that vary between $300 and $2,500. For kitchens or bathrooms, where they help eliminate excess moisture and maintain a constant airflow, this opening style is best. The only way to get ventilation is through a motorized hand crank or remote control. 

Skylight Flat-Roof Rates

For windows made for flat roofs, expect to pay between $250 and $2,000. The available materials are the same, but since water can pool on top of the opening, leak-proofing needs to be more critical. That includes sealing the glass’s edge to the frame, inserting a dome cover to prevent pooling of water, and taking care during installation to install the flashing at the right angle.

The Dome

Dome skylights vary from $200 to $3,000. They are mainly designed for industrial applications and big windows. The dome-shaped architecture prevents the formation of water and condensation. This choice does not open and does not have any ventilation.

Other factors also influence your skylight installation price like grazing, coating, tinting, flashing, and window treatments. 

If you want an exact estimate for your skylight roof installation, contact the trusted skylight installer in Toronto (of course, that’s us!). We will give you a full breakdown of what it would take to install your roof with a modern architectural appeal. 

Custom Skylight Installation in Toronto

No two buildings are exactly the same, and the same goes for customer requirements. While two different homeowners might want a type of skylight to be installed in their building, there might be differences in the buildings and site of installations. We truly understand this, and that’s why we detest a one-size-fits-all type of service.

Our skylight installers go far and above to customize our installation service to meet each client’s requirements. Every homeowner has their budget, preferences, and choices, and we respect these things. So, for each client who brings a project to our table, we take our time to understand their requirements, find what will work for them, and proffer the best-tailored solution. If everything works well, we’ll get on the site and deliver expertly. 

 Like every client who has worked with us in the past, we place your satisfaction first and never compromise it. Quality is always assured, and that’s why the skylights we install last as long as expected. 

Suppose you’d like to improve the aesthetics of your building, cut down your energy bills, allow more natural light into your building, as well as enjoy many other benefits of skylights. In that case, we’d be happy to be your skylight installers in Toronto. Kindly get in touch with us now to discuss.

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