Any expert skylight contractor in Toronto knows the beauty of this roofing system when properly installed. The extra lighting, the architectural improvements, and much more are enticing enough to go for the skylight roof.


If you are ever in need of a skylight company in the Toronto area, you can always reach out to us and get the best installment for this roof. In fact, a properly designed and installed skylight can bring a new definition to your building.

For basically any room in a home, a skylight can do wonders, but to accomplish your specific objective for choosing the roofing system; you need to select the right type of skylight. 

Are you interested in skylight roofing to bring light into a room, or are you looking to make an architectural improvement by adding ceiling height? Or do you want to add value to your house before a sale?

Here’s Why You Can’t Say No to Skylights in Toronto

No matter the type of structure you have, skylights are one installation that redefines your entire building and its functionality. There are distinct forms, models, and methods of installation. Also, you will find a wide range of varieties of glass, glazing, covers, and shades when you go shopping for a skylight roof. 

Just before you say no to skylight installation in your building, see what you might miss;

Skylights are an ideal way of adding natural light into your space. Whether it’s in your lobby, bedroom, or even sitting room, they make your space seem bigger with a beam of natural light.

  • Everyone wants to cut down their energy bills to the barest minimum. Skylights let you reduce energy usage in your space, and this causes lower utility bills. They provide natural light that helps in heating up the building. So, just before you say no to skylight installation, think about your energy bills.
  • Some areas in a home require improved ventilation. Bedrooms and bathrooms are often an ideal choice for most property owners. Skylights add significant ventilation to any space.
  • Enjoy better wellness and health that comes with exposure to natural light.

Types of Skylights

Your form of skylight is the first thing that you need to select. Fixed and vented skylights are comparably identical, but tubular skylights provide a radically different skylight experience.

Fixed Skylights

These are typical skylight windows that do not open. They provide illumination and can give the sky or other landscape a stunning view. In general, fixed skylights are mounted on a high ceiling where you are unable to see them. They do not have humidity protection for a room since they do not open.

Vented Skylights

Vented skylights look the same as fixed skylights, but they can be opened by hand or by electronic controls. Vented skylights are also a safe choice where condensation or extra moisture is a problem. For example, in critical spaces, like bathrooms and kitchens, they may have moisture control. As emergency exits, they can also double if they are available.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are not conventional skylight windows, which are often called solar skylights. They are long tubes, instead, intended to capture and reflect light into the house. Therefore, small spaces, such as toilets, hallways, and closets, are a perfect choice. Installing solar skylights, mostly where the attic or roof is obscured by wiring or venting, is also more comfortable because they can fit between obstructions.

If you want to control how much light they provide, solar skylights may have dimmers. Also, they may have exhaust fans to help with moisture management. And to keep UV light out, they should have a filter. Tube skylights, where privacy is a top priority, are a smart option. One thing you should note is, unlike most skylight windows, they don’t have a view outside.

Skylights can be classified into the method of installation. 

Deck Mounted Skylights

Deck-mounted skylight has frames that flash directly through the roof. Skylight frames are made of extruded aluminum or galvanized steel, which a roofing professional would attach to the rest of the roof. To ensure that a deck-mounted skylight works with a roof takes expertise and experience during installation, so always check with roofing professional.

Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb-mounted skylights have a superior option that makes them especially suitable to stop leaks. They allow greater size versatility and can give more glass area than a skylight installed on the deck placed in the same hole. They can, therefore, be brighter, but they are also more costly.

Curbs may be installed on-site or assembled by the manufacturer of skylights. In any scenario, to help maintain heat in the building, a curb should be double-walled and insulated.

Skylights are a great choice if you are looking to add some architectural touches and design to your home’s overall look. Our expert skylight installers in Toronto will help you install skylight roofs to give your home a new appeal.

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See Why We’re a Different Skylight Company in Toronto

In the entire Toronto, we take pride in our ability to offer outstanding services. Our experts ensure the skylights we mount are well-raised off the roof. We put in proper flashings and membranes to prevent noise and distortions from harsh weather conditions. Our professionals understand the structural integrity required to mount a skylight might be a little above the average, so we take it upon ourselves to ensure we do the necessary reinforcement to accommodate skylights.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and that’s why we go hard when it comes to delivering skylight solutions. Our skylight contractors use only top quality materials from reputable manufacturers to deliver excellent skylights. We’d be glad to work with you on your next skylight project in Toronto.