Skylight Replacement in Toronto and GTA

Skylights have been a proven and aesthetic source of daylight and a popular option for many commercial and residential buildings in Toronto. Over the years, the quest for natural light in any building has been on the increase and only experts who know how to install it without causing leaks pride in it. However, at a point in the lifetime of any skylight, the need for replacement arises, and you can’t help but get the best skylights and call on the best team to deliver expertly. All Roofing Toronto offers ultra-modern skylight replacement services that redefine your entire experience and gives your roof a new look.

If you really care about your home and the energy bills you incur, then you should consider installing a new skylight or replacing an old one. We have a special and professional team that specializes in skylight replacement for all residential and commercial properties. Our services are efficient, dependable, and accurate. So, when we replace the existing or worn out skylight, you’re confident that we’ll replace it with high-quality skylights that serve you even better.

Why Do You Need Skylight Replacement?

Ask any property owner; most of them will tell you they can only replace their skylight when its damages go beyond repair. To a large extent, they might be right. But you need to know this; there are signs to look out for if you don’t want to encounter the trauma of emergency skylight replacement. Check out for these signs.

Water Leaks – At All Roofing Toronto, we know what it means when your skylight causes water leaks in your building. If you observe that the ceiling around your skylight is stained or damped, or discoloration on the surrounding wall, this could mean water is passing through your roof. In some cases of leaks, you might observe pools of water on your floor during or even after a rainstorm. In such scenarios, you might want to consider a skylight replacement if minor repairs fail.

Age of Skylight – The lifespan of any skylight depends on various factors. Ranging from the materials used, the shape of the skylight, quality, and most importantly, the installation process and patterns. A typical skylight can last up to a decade or more. Our team of skylight replacement experts knows how to replace your skylights, ensuring that you don’t have to repair or change it for several years.

Cracks – Visible cracks on the surface of a skylight could cause leaks. They can lead to poor insulation, water seepage, and drafts. When you observe chipping or cracks on your skylight, you most probably need to replace it.

All Roofing Toronto is a leading brand when it comes to skylight replacement.  We’ve seen it all, and all our professionals provide expert replacement services for residential and commercial properties. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to find issues with your skylights fix and replace them with little or no hassle on your end. Whether you’re looking to install, inspect, or replace your skylight in Toronto, get in touch with us.