Skylights are one installation that remains vital in any building. In fact, many skylight installers in Mississauga will tell you the benefits of having one or more skylights in your building. Bet you wouldn't want to miss it. Ranging from additional lighting to architectural improvements and many more are some reasons why you need to hire an expert skylight contractor in Mississauga.


If you ever need a skylight in Mississauga, do not hesitate to contact us and get the best price for that roof.

Skylights can be beneficial to structures and their inhabitants, but you need an expert to achieve your specific goals of installing skylight system. This is where All Roofing comes in handy.

Are you interested in a high pitched roof that brings natural light into a room, or would you like an architectural refinement by adding a ceiling height? Or do you want to add value to your home before selling it? Get your building a quality skylight in Mississauga.

See Why Skylights Are Essential in Mississauga

Regardless of the type of structure you have, a skylight is an installation that changes your entire building and function. There are various shapes, models, and installation methods. When buying a skylight in Mississauga you will also find a wide variety of shades, glazing, shades and glasses to choose from.

Before you think you don’t need a skylight in your commercial or residential building; see what you might be missing.

Skylights are a perfect way to add natural light to your space. Whether in the lobby, in the bedroom, or even in the living room, they make your room appear bigger with natural light-emitting features.

Everyone wants to reduce their energy costs to a minimum. With skylights, you can lower energy consumption in your room and thus lower electricity costs. They provide natural light, which helps heat the building. So before you say no to skylight installations; think about your energy costs.

Some areas of the house require better ventilation. Often times, bedrooms and bathrooms are ideal choices for most homeowners. Skylights ensure proper ventilation in every room.

Know Your Skylight Options in Mississauga

Firstly, you need to choose the type of skylight you need. Our experts can help you make informed choices.  Fixed and vented skylights are relatively the same, but tubular skylights often differ.

Fixed Skylights

These types of skylights cannot be opened. They provide lighting and can provide stunning views of the sky or other landscapes. In general, the roof remains fixed to a high ceiling where you cannot see it. They don’t have moisture protection for the room because they don’t open up.

Vented Skylights

A vented skylight looks like a fixed skylights but can be opened manually or electronically. A vented skylight is also a safe choice when condensation or extra moisture is a problem. They come in handy in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, as they can control humidity. They can also double as emergency exits if need be.

Tubular Skylights

These are not traditional skylights, which is often referred to as solar skylights. Instead, they are long tubes designed to capture and reflect light in the building. This is why small spaces like toilets, closets and hallways are ideal choices. Solar skylights are also more convenient to install, especially where the attic or roof is covered by cables or vents, as they can be installed between obstructions.

If you want to control how much light they send out, solar ceiling lights can have a dimmer. You can also have an exhaust fan to control humidity. And to avoid UV rays, they need to have a filter. Tubular skylights are a smart choief where privacy is a top priority. It should be noted that, unlike most roofs, they do not have an outward appearance.

Skylights are also classified according to their installation methods.

Deck-mounted skylights

The deck-mounted windows have a frame that goes straight through the roof. The frames are made of extruded aluminum or galvanized steel which often attaches to the rest of the roof. To ensure that the deck-mounted skylights will function as supposed, you need to hire an expert skylight contractor in Mississauga.

Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb-mounted skylights are an excellent option when it comes to mounting skylights that can stop leaks. They offer more dimensional flexibility and provide more glazed space than deck-mounted skylights in the same opening. Therefore, they can be lighter, but also more expensive.

They can be installed on-site or installed by a skylight manufacturer. In any scenario, the curb must be double-walled and insulated to keep the heat inside the building.

Skylights are a great choice when you want to add architecture and design to your home’s overall look and improve its value. Our experienced plumbers in Toronto will help you install a sloping roof to give your home a new look.

Our skylight services include:

We Stand Out in Mississauga

Across Mississauga, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional service. Our experts ensure that the skylights we install are compatible with the roof. We install proper membranes and flashing to avoid noise and distortion caused by harsh weather conditions. Our professionals know that the structural integrity required to install skylights can be slightly above average. We draw from our experience to ensure that we provide the necessary reinforcement to accommodate your skylight.

We’re committed to giving the best skylight solutions in Mississauga, and that’s why we strive to offer better solutions. Our roofing company uses only the highest quality materials from reputable manufacturers to install outstanding skylights. We look forward to working with you on your next roofing project in Toronto. Please contact us via our contact page or call us to get started.