Single-ply Roof Membrane

What if you desire an additional protective film over your roof? Are you installing a different BUR on top of the existing BUR? Or have you tried a single-layer? Apparently, you might want to consider many factors, but whatever your need for a single-layer membrane roof is, our team will handle it.

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Single-ply Roof Membrane

At All Roofing, we install a high-quality single-ply membrane roof that is installed properly and maximize the roof system’s benefits.

Our experts are trained and certified to install a one-layer roof at no extra cost or expense. Our service is fast, and results are glaring. That’s why our previous clients keep recommending our services.

Our Single-layer Membrane Roof Installation Stands Out

As experienced roof builders and contractors, we often use single-layer roofing membranes suitable for light construction projects and low cost for fast builds.

A single-layer roof has fewer seams than most roof roller systems. The contractor must not be exposed to dangerous or dangerous incendiary burners during installation. This type of roofing sheet is also available with ready-made accessories that help eliminate a lot of installation issues.

Overall, the single-layer membrane is one of the most commonly installed roofing systems in Mississauga.

From large trading companies such as airports and warehouses to roofs of private homes, they do well for a variety of roofing projects of all shapes and sizes, including bare roofs, green roofs, ballast roofs, cooling roofs, and more.

Single-layer membranes are often an applaudable option because of these reasons:

  • They are sustainable Stable
  • They have fire retardant properties and are immune to fire.
  • Immunity to harmful substances
  • Natural immune elements
  • Environmentally friendly

While there are many single-layer membranes out there, TPO and PVC roofing are the most popular. TPO and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) offer excellent roofing properties and a relatively low price compared to other roofing systems.

Without a doubt, one of the questions we get as a single-layer installer is which layered membrane is better? TPO or PVC.

If you want to install one of these roofs, a comparison view between the two types will help. You will see a clear overview of each feature, which will make your decision easier.

PVC versus TPO

Polyvinyl Roof Membrane

  • Proven technologies and applications
  • Quickly repaired
  • Possibilities for individual architectural solutions (colors, roof profiles, and graphics)
  • Homogeneous welded joints.
  • Easy work in place
  • To be used appropriately and exposed to different climatic conditions
  • Installation is fast and does not depend on time
  • Effective water vapor permeability
  • Cellular and very flexible
  • Can be recycled. An interesting feature if you prefer eco-friendly roofs.


Thermoplastic Polyolefin

  • Chemical-resistant
  • Suitable for use directly on substrates such as aged asphalt, EPS, and XPS(polystyrene)
  • No plasticizer (no leaks or washing)
  • Extended durability
  • Quick and easy to repair
  • Easy work in place
  • Good for use in a variety of climatic conditions
  • Installation is fast and does not depend on time
  • Excellent ecological profile
  • Flameless rates
  • Can be recycled
  • Used for almost 50 years

There are other types of single-layer membranes, and they include EPDM, TPE (thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer), PIB (polyisobutylene).

Our Single-layer Membrane Installation

A single layer membrane can be installed by:

  • Ballast method
  • Mechanical bonding method
  • Fully adhered roofing methods

The mounting method used depends mainly on the building and the specifications of the roof project. In some cases, a ballast roof will give the best results, especially if the heavier weight does not affect the building.

However, in some cases, this is not the most effective method if the roof slope is 1/6 “.

For steel roofs or even metal roofs, the ideal type of mounting is a mechanically mounted single-layer membrane roof. Mechanically mounted membranes can be used on all types of sloping ceilings and are preferred in most cases.

A fully adhesive roof should secure the membrane with a solvent or water-based adhesive. The surface finish is usually smooth and can be used with other colored membranes to enhance the roof system’s appearance.

Your Best Single-layer Membrane Roofing Expert in Mississauga

All Roofing Mississauga is a trusted brand for homeowners in Mississauga. We are the best brand for all your roofing needs. We are a reliable and dependable single-layer replacement, repair and installation contractor in Mississauga.

We are recognized as one of the best and fastest single-layer roof repair companies in Mississauga. You can rely on our experience and skills when you have the need to install, repair or replace your single-layer membrane roof.

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