The roof is an ideal part of any building. As a property owner, you don't just need a roof, you need a quality roof installed. At All Roofing, we offer experienced roofing to meet your roofing needs at light speed and at affordable prices. We understand that nobody deserves a leaky roof or one that collapses due to weather conditions. You may be in a place where you've learned what a bad roof feels like and needs upgrading. You want the added security that comes from knowing that your roof system is doing its job well. You see, there are several types of roofs with specifications that can make you confused if you don't know what to check.


Our experienced roofers work with different roof types in each project and will have you interested in an in-depth conversation about how each roof has its subclass and why excellent care is required for an excellent installation.

That’s why we are here to support your project. At All Roofing, we have decades of experience as roofers in Mississauga and can maintain, repair, and install different types of roofs for you – just as we have done for many of our customers.

If you want to know what options you have for your roofing project and what we offer our customers, you are on the right page.

We’ll show you what we do and provide you with additional information to help you find out about your roofing options.

Expert Roofing Installations in Mississauga, all Roofing types

All Roofing installs different types of roofs for houses in Mississauga. If you see a building across the street with (presumably) a sloping roof, this is likely a physical copy of our contract with a customer.

When choosing your roof, the very important thing to consider may not be just the style but the material.

Your choice of roofing materials can affect the rigidity of your roofing system in extreme weather conditions, how resilient it’s to climate change is, and how watertight it is.

As a trusted roofer in Mississauga, we have worked with a wide variety of homeowners who need either a roof repair or a full roof membrane installation. We can tell you about each type of roof and what you will get from each type.

Some of the types of roofs that we install are as follows. We provide a detailed description of each type of roof so you can easily tell if this is what you want.

Shingle Roofing

The roof has used asphalt tile for over 100 years. Over time, manufacturers have made changes to the components used in the manufacture of this material to make it fire-resistant. Currently, the asphalt roof contains fiberglass and various materials that have all been coated with asphalt.

When looking to buy asphalt shingles, you will find that some (tiles) are only covered on one side while others have a “double layer.” Asphalt tiles are very popular because they are cheaper than other roofing options and also have a long service life.

There is also an asphalt roof with a waterproofing function that makes it waterproof. They are easy to install for a quick upgrade. And that can take up to 30 years.

Asphalt shingles have little resistance to strong winds in areas with high winds. And it can be damaged in areas with strong thunderstorms and hail. Weight is also another thing that needs to be considered when installing asphalt tile on a larger roof area.

Shingle Roof Installation Our experts have mastered everything needed to install a shingle roof in any building. If you really value your property, you’ll need to hire an expert to do it.

Shingle Roof Replacement we understand that a roof doesn’t last forever. If you ever need to replace your existing sloping roof, our experts will be happy to bring your dreams back to life.

Slate Roofing

You can call this material a modern roof option. Slate tiles have been used as a roofing option since the 18th century and are valued for their beauty.

This roofing material offers a sleek and modern look with superior fire resistance, durability, and a lifespan of more than 90 years. Slate roofs also have the advantage of being economical and affordable for most homeowners at a reasonable price. Roof options are available in various designs and colors.

The main advantage of slate and tile roofing material is its strong resistance to weather disasters. Heavy rain, strong winds, and hail the size of a softball caused almost no damage to the slate roof.

Slate Roof Installation This could be one of the best decisions you will make for your construction. Our slate roof is always ready to use when you need a freshly installed slate roof.

Slate Roof Replacement – Is Your Slate Roof worn out to repair? Then it’s time to install a new one. Don’t let an artist handle it – All Roofing Mississauga has everything you need.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are used in both industrial and household conditions. Metal roofs require little maintenance and are available in a variety of designs and designs. They are lightweight and environmentally friendly.

The roofing sheets are made of alloy steel, copper, and zinc.

The only problem to worry about is proper installation, which requires a long time of experience, especially when working with large sheets. Here we step into installing a metal roof with our experience. Our specialists have mastered the art of installing new metal roofs as well as metal replacement roofs.


Flat Roofing

All Roofing has experts in installing, repairing, and maintaining flat roofs.

Flat roofs are relatively inexpensive when compared to other roofing options and offer most of the roofing benefits you will need for a single roof. You will find that commercial buildings accept a flat roof as the installation standard.

The disadvantage of a flat roof is the need for care; the typical application is in residential areas. Factors such as rain, snow, hail, and temperature are the factors that must be considered when choosing a flat roof type.

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